I went to see the team recently for a ‘Business Benchmarking Session’ and I left feeling completely re-invigorated, energised and ready to re-focus. Since then I took onboard their [coaching] of dedicating one day a week purely on marketing and sending out monthly newsletters and since then I have been going from strength to strength.
I would recommend the Business Growth Team to anyone just starting out as supportive as your friend and family will hopefully be, These guys are a knowledgeable, objective and supportive one stop shop for any business related queries you will inevitably have.

Joe Mee, Onpoint Productions

The Business Growth Team have sat at my shoulder for nearly 10 years, sometimes whispering in my ear occasionally shouting but only when asked. They are business gurus, researchers and friends, they do much of the business thinking or prompting that I often have no time for or sometimes no inclination to. Without them we may not have seen off the recession and certainly would not be moving on-track with our market sectors both the old and now the new.

Don Munro, Munro + Whitten

Russ and Matt are extremely approachable and knowledgeable. Although, as they say, they are not about giving you the answer, but helping you to find it yourself.

I would recommend the Business Growth Team to anyone who wants to get more from their business or their business idea. Even if you’ve been established for some time – it’s worth taking the time out of the ‘day job’, to re-evaluate and make sure you’re tackling anything that could be holding you back.

Louise Riley, Smiths Communications Ltd

Empowering! This wasn’t a “read the manual” exercise, the team took time to understand our needs and guide us towards getting to the answers ourselves.
I would recommend The Business Growth Team to people who need time and mental space to think about their business away from the day-to-day – and a structured, guided approach to the thought process. If growth is a business objective, this is crucial to getting there.

Shreek Raivadera, Sandstar Communications Ltd

People Dancing approached The Business Growth Team because we were looking for a fresh perspective on our business. Working with Matt and Russ helped us to identify a specific area of our business that had the most potential to grow,

Ruth Bates, People Dancing

By sharing my ideas with Russ, I was able to gain the confidence I needed and take the actions that I knew were right. Russ is the most fabulous sounding board and coach. He pointed me in the right direction (without “telling me what to do”) and gave me the tools to believe in my own decision-making whilst taking into account others’ opinions also. I appreciated Russ’s honesty, ability to get to the crux of the matter and his steer in getting me to address the core issues.

Suzanne Jones, essj Ltd

Growth brings it’s own problems and the Business Growth Team helped us navigate our development from a small business to 400% growth in staff in 2 locations with a management structure in under 4 years.

The sessions also became a sounding board for business planning; I can honestly say I have never had an unproductive meeting with the Business Growth Team.

I would recommend The Business Growth Team to people who don’t think they need it!

Steve Ray, Reynolds Press Limited, The Unloved Limited, and BRRR LIMITED

We doubled our turnover every year, and found that as we grew the advice we received helped us to not only cope but prepare for the next set of challenges. Whether you’re just starting out or well into your journey their support is always on the money. Literally.

Ross McMinn, Workspace 1 Ltd

I popped in to to chat about some concerns I had about my business. After an hour chat I left the room with a spring in my step and full of energy to get stuck in and work hard. You won’t find a more friendly and approachable team that are better!

Friendly advice from experienced business professionals. The Business Growth Team are well versed in running a business and the trials and tribulations that come with being a business owner. The team is exceptionally approachable and it’s very easy to pop in and have a chat about any worries or concerns you may be having with your business. Go chat to them today…you won’t regret it! Top class work – thanks guys!

Lee Tomes, Orange Fox Studios Ltd

They have taken us from a small spare bedroom company and helped to guide us into a hugely successful music company writing music for TV programmes such as the Apprentice and Great British Bake off.

As we were starting off at Phoenix we received coaching in negotiation skills, funding help, and as our business evolved and expanded we found that they are always a good sounding board for any issue that any business might have.

Maryann Tedstone, Manike Music