Why is Creativity So Critical Today?

9 May 2024

Create is a series of FREE quarterly events for digital creators, producers, managers and administrators, aiming to inspire Leicester’s digital design community.

Join us for a precursor workshop before our evening talk

We are running an exclusive precursor Q&A workshop with Nicolas! Gain insights, ask burning questions, and connect with fellow creatives in this intimate session before our main evening event. Secure your spot now for a unique opportunity and network with like-minded professionals.

This will take place at LCB Depot, Leicester.

Why is creativity so critical today?

How can creative enterprises help solve the big, hairy problems while also building our businesses? Let’s explore the big challenges for businesses today and what agencies can do to help. What role do creative agencies play in turbulent times as we focus on big issues like climate, Ai and societal polarisation and how creativity is as important as technology in tackling them.

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