Urbanism in Focus 3: Nelson Mandela International Day

18 July 2024

Two parts of a trilogy of linked events will explore the challenges and opportunities for urban graphic heritage interventions in places named after people.

Co-Design Opportunities for Heritage Interpretation and Placemaking

This session will share various strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration between creative industry practitioners, heritage professionals, archival specialists, policymakers, and urban planners.

18 July 2024 • 14:00–15:30 hrs • LCB Depot • Leicester

Book here. (Meet in the Courtyard Studio.)

Graphic Heritage, Digital Design and Archival Practice

This dialogue between Dr Yolandi Burger (design research) and Zandile Myeka (archival studies) will reveal the opportunities and limitations of collaboration between otherwise disconnected activities through recounting joint work on the Named after Nelson: Learning from Places Named after Nelson Mandela through Graphic Heritage exhibition currently running at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg.

18 July 2024 • 17:00–19:00 hrs • LCB Depot • Leicester

Book here. (Meet in the Courtyard Studio.)