5 September 2016

Recent work by Peter Berry & Jacqui Gallon

‘There are, in reality, no discrete things, only a continuous process of transformation’  Lawrence Kimnel

‘Our work arises from different starting points but finds unity through the theme of ‘transition’ in this exhibition. Fascinated by the process of change, both in the natural world and in our work and also in pursuit of our theme, we both find that we collect and often use the ‘found object’ or accidental surface as a starting point or reference for our practice.

‘Transitions’ explores the theme of transformation through our chosen media of painting, print, drawing and photography. We also like to include evidence of the thought processes and individual experiences which underpin and inform the work. This takes the form of writing and other notes.’

Peter Berry & Jacqui Gallon

Jacqui Gallon is a member of Leicester Sketch Club and Leicester Society of Artists. Her work explores decay, evidence of the passage of time and the traces which humans leave behind, and often references urban dereliction and its associated eroded and deteriorating surfaces.

Peter Berry is an artist, writer and teacher living in Leicestershire where he researches, practices, teaches  and writes about fine art.

Image above by Peter Berry