Summer Show at LCB

26 June 2024

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Explore the wonders of our blue planet in a new art exhibition in Leicester. Local artist Olivier Leger is inviting people to his new solo show ‘Oceans: Treasures of the Deep’.

Pick up a magnifying glass and explore his intricately detailed drawings and colourful paintings, which can be as large as two square metres.

Watch Olivier as he works every day on his largest and most ambitious painting to date, ‘Atlas’ – an artwork two years in the making.

Learn about the weird and wonderful creatures in our oceans, the threats facing them today and the work being done around the world to protect our blue planet, through videos and artifacts.

The show brings together some of Olivier’s largest artworks from his last ten years as an ocean wildlife artist, which draw on his underwater experiences as a scuba diver.

“I want people to have fun exploring our connections with our blue planet,” says Olivier,
“Children and adults alike are encouraged to get up close to each artwork and discover all the tiny details. It’s like Where’s Wally?.. but with whales!”.

“I am on a mission to celebrate the interconnectedness and biodiversity of our ocean, draw attention to the threats it faces and highlight the work being done to protect it. I’m looking forward to showing people around my show!”.

No Jobs in the Arts Open Residency

Open Residency: a three-week residency, July 26 – August 15, 2024, for creatives, in the gallery space at LCB Depot, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester, LE1 1RE.

Creative residencies allow dedicated time away from the everyday, helping creatives to immerse themselves in ongoing projects, or spark fresh ideas in a collaborative environment. Creatives who participate in Open Residency will have access to a visual art organisation’s gallery space, LCB Depot, to collectively cultivate their talents and ideas, and receive support from the No Jobs in the Arts team.

The residency is free. Participation is voluntary. No expenses will be reimbursed. Interested creatives and members of the public can visit and use the residency space during LCB Depot’s usual opening hours, Monday to Friday, 9-5pm. Creatives who complete a building induction will have access to the residency space 24/7. You can join the residency for any amount of time. You can join for one hour, three weeks, or anything in between.