Studio Open

6 November 2020

An open exhibition for studio based artists

In November 2020 we highlighted visual art through online and real world exhibitions, though somewhat curtailed due to the COVID-19 lockdown

At LCB Depot we hosted Studio Open – an open exhibition for studio groups in Leicester/shire. This was part of the L.O.V.E. Art open call. You can see both exhibitions at and artwork from the Studio Open exhibition was published daily on Instagram, and populated the gallery below. If you we’re a local resident you could see a selection of the work on show in our Street Gallery.

At the end of the month Leicester Art Week (20-29 November) highlighted exhibitions from the city’s various galleries.


Sat 7th Bukhari: Islamic Art Exhibition talks and discussions from artists in Leicester and Uzbekistan. You can watch the talk again here

Tues 24th An Exhibition of URLs that have inspired artists throughout lockdown. The choices were discussed during the launch event on zoom.

Weds 25th Creative Coffee- Lee interviews Alison Carpenter-Hughes + Q&A and networking.

Exhibition see more at #artseason on Instagram & all work here

L.O.V.E. Art curators picks: Adam Khalifa, Amber Jesson, Beccy Benedict, Phil Hackett, Chris Slowe

You can see every piece from L.O.V.E. Art here

Featured Artists

Get in touch with the artists via the links if you’d like to buy the work

Churchgate Studios

The Archist ‘A Message From The Ancient’ £900

Victoria Perry ‘Bathhouse’ £75

Ali Carpenter-Hughes‘Anne Stijnen’ £900

Holly Brandrick ‘I Am The Son And The Heir’ £180 

Knighton Lane Artists

Louise Ross ‘Medieval’ £80

Dee Barnes ‘Sonnet XV11’ (et al) £120 each

David Gaff ‘Picture of the Leicester canal near the Faircharm industrial area’ £300

Marie Allen ‘Tidal #1’ £495

Deborah Ward ‘Monocotyledon’ £120

Rick Newham ‘ Riverside Park High Water’ £300 

Freya Gibbs ‘Being, Beaming’ £310

Two Queens
Hannah E Morris ‘Close Your Eyes to the Sun’ £800 

Shivani Khoshia ‘An Open Heart’ £400

Amrit Doll ‘Waiting for a Zoom Dance Class’ £NFS

Emma Willis ‘Eye’ £125

David Loftus ‘Don’t Use The One On The Left’ £650

Laura Holmes ’22/10/20, 3 Places at the Same Time’ £350

Ameerah Dawood ‘Natural Movement #4’ £contact to purchase

Austin Higgins ‘Legacy’ £875

Leila Houston ‘Encrypted Sounds of Wellbeing’ £NFS 


Beccy Benedict ‘Triptich of Emotions’ £NFS

Lucy Stevens ‘ Bullfinch (Swan’s beak)’ £600 

Emma Peers ‘Rapture’ £70

Haunted Fork ‘Trust’ £800

Willow Stacey ‘Covid Customers’ £500

Graeme Hawes ‘Embryo’ £1500

Indre Rimselyte ‘ Faces in the Forest’ £900

Mark Boot ‘Untitled 040719’ £1250

Phil Hackett ‘Sir Ken Pounds (HR 6819, 23+23, 4:4:2)’ £850

Tim Fowler ‘Untitled’ £2500

Modern Painters, New Decorators

Atta Kwami ‘Tempos’ £2,500 Atta has been awarded the 2021 Maria Lassnig Prize from Serpentine Galleries find out more here

Pamela Clarkson ‘Treescars’ £3,000

Ama Dogbe ‘Curling unfurling’ £NFS

Tayler Fisher ‘It Must Be’ £395

Sumiko Eadon ‘Untitled’ £250

Magda Vaughan ‘Movement’ £150

Kate Robotham ‘Autumn Leaves’ £599

Find out more about the studios at