Soulful Woman

8 March 2018

Deconstructing & celebrating the 21st Century Woman, on International Women’s Day Thursday 8 March 5.30-8.30pm, £5

Womanhood is a multifaceted experience which deserves to be viewed from a multidisciplinary lens. Join Leicester’s Soulful Group on International Women’s Day for an intimate, emotive and soulful evening of spoken word poetry, conscious conversations, music, storytelling and a book launch. Together we can deconstruct and celebrate what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Whatever your gender, you are welcome to attend

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​​1. Maria Ronner: Fairy Tales, Myths and Womanhood
2. Manjit Ruprai: Deranged Love – Healing from Heartbreak
3. Finola Billings: Two Decades of Womanhood
4. Lydia Unsudimi: The Power of Self Love
5. Leyla Okhai: Womanhood – One Size Does not Fit All
6. Kala Patel: Modern Goddess & The Power of Divine Feminine
7. Samantha Houghton: Transforming from being the Invisble Girl
8. Shobana Patel: The Tripple Glazed Window

Book your place on Eventbrite – tickets are £5  via Eventbrite or on the door