Shelf Life

20 June 2016

A Leicester Lo-Fi exhibition celebrating small quirky shops

A project celebrating all the wonderful defiant independent traders and their small quirky shops, inspired by John Londei’s ‘Shutting Up Shop’ project.

While Londei’s work focussed on shops he felt were about to disappear, this exhibition from Leicester LoFi looks at small shops that are still going in this age of Internet shopping and the supposed death of the high street retailer – the dusty book shop, the Aladdin’s cave of a bike mechanic, the rare vinyl emporium, the friendly corner shop and everything in between.

PLUS Shutting Up Shop closing event

Smartphone darkroom workshop

Saturday 9 July 12-4pm

Participants will go out and take photos with their phones and then come back to LCB Depot to print them in the traditional way in a darkroom – with enlargers and chemical trays. Followed by…

Aftershow get-together

Saturday 9 July 6-9pm

A social gathering of friends and family, all welcome.

In our Lightbox gallery at the front of our building, facing Rutland Street.