Performance 2023

9 February 2023

drama | dance | music | comedy

On selected days from February 9th – March 3rd 2023 we’ll be showcasing performing artists working in drama, dance, performance art and related areas in our gallery space.

We’ll also be hosting some of the best shows in the Comedy Festival, courtesy of Jokes on Us. Find out more about the comedy line up hereFollow @lcbdepot #performance for updatesEvents

Thu 9 Feb, 1.30-2pm. man shit (unrehearsed reading), New Art Club. man shit is the early stages of a new project by the award winning dance comedy theatre company. It is a series of reflections on aspects of masculinity from the perspective of two middle aged men with teenage children. The piece will in the end be a mixture of dance music and words. At the moment it is largely words. Warning it is not currently very funny and it gets a bit dark at times. Free tickets here

Fri 10 Feb, 1.30-3pm TRY|TRYING|TRIED, Shelley Owen & Josh Slater. “What do we choose to share? How do we disguise our vulnerability? Shelley Owen Owen & Josh Slater delve into human relationships. TRY|TRYING|TRIED, a captivating journey of two people who share meetings, smiles, and a desire to just be. This duet explores the places we have been, the conversations we have, and the vulnerability we feel. With constant choices made about who and what we present, in what moment. Free tickets here

Feb 11th, 12-4pm, Creative Family Day. Join us this month to explore performance! Take the Mic with your own jokes, get crazy on the dance floor and learn the macarena, cha cha slide and more! + make monsters with Comedy Festival Artist Sam Grubb & Pay As you feel kids comedy from @jokesonuscomedyclub. Part of @cqearlies. Creative activities in venues across Leicester’s Cultural Quarter FREE. Find out more here

Wed 15 Feb 10am, Creative Coffee Creative Showcase with Ishi Khan + networking + coffee. Free tickets here

Thu 16 Feb, 2.30pm A Caravan Named Desire – Scripted Performance, Split Infinitive. Krystal has been working from her caravan for longer than she’d care to admit, but it’s when she meets Gary that she starts to question how her clients see her. For a good time contact Krystal. Discreet, professional, clean and tested. Your desire for hire. Free tickets here

Fri 17 Feb, from 12pm.
12pm Atmospheric Guitar from Ray Garner + 
1pm Drafting, Oviya Thirumalai. Drafting is a solo spoken word piece that uses Stand-up comedy to help tackle difficult themes. The piece explores the struggled of being a minority, childhood traumas, and navigating the creative field. 
2pm Poetry Showcase and Open Mic Join us for an hour and a half of Poetry by a group of talented poets. We’ll try our best to make you cry, laugh and cringe with the power of Poetry. There are spots on the day, so please do join bring along some of your best (or worst, we don’t mind) Poetry and give it a go performing them!
7pm Someantics Spoken Word: 5 Year Anniversary Special! Tickets here

Mon 20 Feb, 4 – 5.30pm Flesh / Bone/ Breath: Encounters with the Archives of Traci Kelly and hancock & kelly. Bone meets bone. Flesh meets flesh. Breathe with us…. Embracing messy mucky queer feminist joy, this performance installation launches the archives of two ground-breaking artists and showcases the performance art, movement, spoken word, visual art and video art-based practices of a collective of DMU graduates and current undergraduate and postgraduate students.  This event contains adult content. More info and tickets here

Wed 22 Feb, 17:30 Moving Together Youth – Artistic Challenge Showcase, Moving Together. Gold Arts Award students from Moving Together youth are creating their own artistic explorations, fusing dance and another chosen art form together to present in an open exhibition. 

Thu 23 Feb, 2pm Cuerpo-Territorio & Body-Bone-Space, Two dance solos created and performed by contemporary dance-artists Amira Ramírez and Marguerite Galizia. Find out more & Reserve a spot here

Fri 24 Feb BA (hons) Acting showcase, BA (Hons) Acting Students Leicester College. The performance includes film, stage, dance and songs. Come along to see emerging local talent or even to find out if training at Leicester College could be right for you! 

24th 5-10pm Last Friday street food night Comedy Festival Special. tickets here

Throughout the month you can experience 

Interdimensional Phishing Scam (from Chronic Insanity) is an interactive audio experience where you, the audience, receive a phone call by mistake about some compensation that a version of you from an alternate dimension is owed. As you try and claim the compensation, you are pulled through a series of different call centres from parallel universes in a randomly generated audio experience full of surreal comedy and unforeseen consequences of the breaching of the laws of the universe that your quest for compensation has created. You can experience it here

Khaki vs Colors, Marianna Sfyridi. This piece is based on the poem of the Palestinian M. Barghouti ‘I have no problem’, which deals with the subject of the long term oppression of the Palestinian people from Israel. It is a performance where the musician with his double bass interacts with the dancer, imposing his limits on her kinetic expression and affecting her in various ways. The piece is based on elements of improvisation, capoeira and original music, as well as on a recitation of the poem in Arabic. The title, Khaki Versus Colors is an actual lyric of the poem and suggests how the ‘Khaki’s of this world are limiting the bright ‘Colors’. Follow her @mariannasfyridi

Leicester College Performing Arts Showcase A showcase of Leicester College Performing Arts students work including Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting and Filmmaking. 

Mon Feb 25 – Fri March 3rd  Women in Art. An exhibition and events part of this years Cultural eXchanges Festival. More info here

Weds 1 March, 7pm (Doors 6pm) Screening: MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ: THE ARTIST IS PRESENT (cert 15) Serbian artist Marina Abramović’s practice spans far and wide, from conceptual pieces exploring the relationship between artist and audience, body-focused pieces, endurance art and the endless possibilities of the mind – rightfully earning her moniker as the ‘Grandmother of Performance Art’. The Artist is Present attempts to encapsulate her work prior to her 2010 retrospective of the MoMA, New York. 
Tickets: £10 Film & Food / £6 Standard / £5 MyPhoenix Members available here

Fri 3 March, 6-8pm, Women in arts panel discussion. As a part of the exhibition there will be panel discussion on 3rd of March, as a closing event with guest speakers from the arts field to explore the evolving role of an artist in this ever-changing world, and gender and its influence on art. Tickets available here