Martin Cibik : VR presentation

14 February 2020

in Lightbox, 10am-4pm

‘My name is Martin Cibik and I am a 2nd year student of Fine Art at De Montfort University. I work in sculpture, painting, photography and in digital art.

Recently I focus on work in VR and AR. The centre of my interest is the experience and alternative states of consciousness; such as dreams or hallucination.

My work is trying to catch the evanescent moment of otherness in human consciousness and the presence of different layers of reality.

The digital medium, as a form existing in transected relationship with biological life is thus the obvious choice in my creative process.

I’m going to bring few digital collages which are as well triggers for an animation in AR + my VR set with 3D drawings in Tiltbrush.’

Instagram: @ciboman


Martin will also be in Lightbox on Friday 21 February 10am – 4pm