Lines Crossed

16 October 2017

StudionAme residency at LCB – exhibitions and events

StudionAme artists’ collective has been invited to take over the Lightbox gallery at LCB as part of a 6-week residency.

” It is our mission to challenge and disrupt in creative and playful ways, the set perceptions of what might happen in such spaces. “

Each week will feature a new happening from 7 artists who base

their practice in StudionAme. From the outskirts of the Cultural Quarter to it’s heart each artist will create a unique experience for all to enjoy. From a 24/7 live in artist sanctuary to a fully functioning skate park ‘Lines Crossed’ will offer visitors the unexpected, unsettling and sublime. Tantalizing all the

senses every artist will offer up an array of art genres from installation,

performance, visual, dance, participatory and mixed media. With live

events, exhibitions, art markets, workshops, artists talks and

performances on offer.


Read the Leicester Mercury article from 8 October : Everything you need to know about Crossed Lines – the six week art exhibition coming to Leicester


Keep an eye out for Opening events throughout – making this is a programme not to be missed.

Tim Fowler : Observe 16-21 October

watch Tim in his temporary home/studio here in Lightbox live on YouTube

Read an article about Tim’s week in Lightbox in the Leicester Mercury:

Why is a man sleeping by the front window of the LCB Depot?

Mark Boot : Lightbox Foiled 25-31 October
Phil Hackett : Media(n) Views 25-31 October


Jonjo Elliott : Daily Grind 4-12 November

Loz Atkinson : Those in Glass Houses 12-19 November

Catherine Howell : Same Same But Different 20-25 November


Tim Fowler : Observe 16-21 October
Tim Fowler is a Leicester based artist who has been actively pursuing his
artist career since his graduated in 2007. He has had numerous solo
shows in Leicester and London and is represented by several high
profile galleries in the capital. Tim has been working for the last four
years on his current on going series of portraits, mainly focussing on the
silver screen actors and actresses of the golden age of cinema. Prior to
this he had built up his profile with his recognisable style of architectural

Now Tim will not only be displaying his work for the public but his
working process, methods, approach and his life. He will be setting up
his studio in the LCB’s Light Box gallery space and working, eating, and
sleeping in the space for a week. The public will be able to see his
entire process from start to finish. Whether they are simply walking past
and looking in the window or sitting in the space and interacting with
the artist himself. Cameras will be set up in the space and the entire
performance will be shown on a live feed 24/7.

For more information on Tim and his work please visit


Mark Boot : Lightbox Foiled
25-31 October
Mark Boot has been living and working in Leicester since the mid 1980s
when he studied Sculpture at Leicester Polytechnic. For the last
seventen years he has been an active member of the creative
community, exhibiting locally and internationally, and working as a
Senior Lecturer in Art at DMU, where he recently gained an MA in Fine Art.

His installation Lightbox Foiled is an exploration of our preconceived
attitudes to space, and our increasing dependence on colour coded
systems to negotiate the modern environment. The use of software and
hardware designed specifically for the installation by Paul Rudman is a
direct reference to the digital aspects of this environment whilst the dance 
performances at Canteen on Friday 27 October by Danni Spooner emphasises the physical nature of our relationship to the modern environment.

For more information about Mark and his work please visit


Phil Hackett : Media(n) Views
 25-31 October
Hackett’s work mainly orbits the figurative as landscape, focusing on
the use of negative space. Process driven, intervention and
appropriation run through his work, the choices made during
the making are as important as the work created. Subsequently his
practice can lead to working in paint, print, projection, multi-media
and sculpture.

For more information on Phil and his work please visit


Jonjo Elliott : Daily Grind 4-12 November
Jonjo is a prolific multi disciplinary artist and the studio manager of
studionAme, Leicester’s newest artists studio facility, gallery space and
community workshop building. He’s also employed by De Montfort
University as an arts and culture project coordinator, engaging with
artists and communities to create new opportunities for people to
experience the arts. His work investigates the way society affects his
surroundings. The streets and the architecture are his inspiration and he
takes elements from his direct environment and uses them to inform his
practice. Jonjo’s work has been exhibited in galleries in the UK and
internationally, and has featured at the Art and Algorithms festival in
Florida on several occasions.

‘Daily Grind’ will feature a series of abstract artworks and sculptural
installations built in Lightbox at LCB Depot. The exhibition is inspired
by the DIY ethic of skateboarders and the way they utilise the streets
and its available materials to construct skateable structures.

The works will be used as ramps by local skaters and the exhibition will
feature a skateboard deck painting session for kids (Saturday 4 November, 12-2pm, free), and an exhibition of historical images of skateboarding in Leicester.

For more information on Jonjo and his work please visit


Loz Atkinson : Those in Glass Houses 12-19 November
Loz is an award winning and internationally exhibited Artist, who has
been practicing for over 8 years. Her work is included in many
collections and has been exhibited all over the world from London to
Geneva Switzerland and even in the Trans Siberian railway between
Moscow and Beijing. Her work is provocative yet hopeful. She plays
with perceptions of what is seen and not seen, giving a mystical
quality. Loz has created many pieces for public art events throughout
the UK including Elephant Parade, The Big Egg Hunt, BT ArtBox and Wild
Dolphins. Her Public art commissions have been seen by well over 25
million people, with ‘Deliverance’ the Elephant selling for £10,000 and
‘An unquenched defiance to the stars’ Dolphin selling for £22,000. To
date her work has helped raise awareness and over £36,000 in vital
funds for various wildlife and children’s charities.

Loz will create and install a visually dynamic site-specific piece of work
which features an aluminium greenhouse precariously placed in the
gallery space, with piles of broken glass strewn on the floor. A Large
mirror panel will be suspended from the wall opposite the destroyed
glass house for viewers to reflect on their own personal instances of the
famous proverb.

To find out more about Loz and her work please visit


Catherine Howell & Rosie McGinn
Same Same But Different
 20-24 November
Catherine Howell AKA Chinatree graduated from Falmouth College of
Arts in 2007 with a BA in Fine Art. Since graduation she has continued
with her practice, and has travelled extensively throughout the world.
She was awarded the Ferdynand Zweig Arts travel Scholarship and set
up a collaborative engagement project between children in the UK
and Havana, Cuba. She has curated shows in the UK and Madrid,
Spain. She has also exhibited in Europe, South Africa and Havana. She
was shortlisted for the nationwide mercury arts award and won the
people choice award for south bank arts in Bristol. She is currently
studying at Wimbledon for a masters in Fine Art.

‘Same Same But Different” is a 3D installation, using a mixture of life size
and distorted cut outs of collages and painted sculptures. The source
materials will be taken from archives of national geographic
magazines and 20th century anthropology journals. Addressing the idea
of identity and repetition, Catherine will create a series of works that
resist organisation and connect at points randomly, embodying the
Rhizome theory of resisting organisation. Catherine will also collaborate
with video artist Rosie McGinn to project onto the works and out of the gallery as their universes spill out and collide.

For more information on Catherine and her work please visit


The residency includes:

Hourly dance performances by Danni Spooner at Canteen street food night on Friday 27 October

Daily Grind – Jonjo’s exhibition opening night, Saturday 4 November, 6-9pm, all welcome

Skateboard deck painting session for children with Jonjo, Saturday 4 November, 12-2pm, free

Marcus Dove : I smoke, you choke, and video by Catherine at Canteen on Friday 24 November
Marcus will deliver a high-octane performance piece in his trademark explosive format. This promises to be a spectacular event with smoke bombs and paint grenades included as creative tools.