International Upcycling Festival 2024

12 April 2024

This first International Upcycling Festival in Leicester, UK, in 2024 aims to enhance our understanding of upcycling in theory and practice in businesses (of design, making, production or waste management) and the consumption domain (as behaviour or lifestyle) drawing on different disciplines, sectors and socio-cultural contexts.

LCB Depot is delighted to host the second day of the International Upcycling Festival on April 12th. For the day’s schedule click HERE

Upcycling¬†is a promising, circular-economy-based, green solution utilising multiple innovative material processes involving minimisation of waste and toxicity, saving in energy and water, and reduction in emissions and pollution, in order to transform used/waste products and materials into new/modified products and materials with higher quality and/or values compared to the compositional elements.”

-De Montfort University