5 February 2021

Virtual, Mixed, Augmented Reality, Gaming, UX design, Interactive Art

This February we’re highlighting interactive creative work.

Exhibitions will be online via social media and in our on Street Gallery. Events will be online via zoom, live stream etc


Sat 13th 10am Digital Creative Play for 5-10 year olds including Minecraft, Music and Coding! This month’s Cultural Quarter Earlies, part of Spark Festival. Find out more at

Thu 18th, 7pm Interactive Evening featuring Mixed Reality Live Art, Sonic Texturing & Open Discussion, register at

Wed 24th 10am -12 noon Creative Coffee: Gaming special, looking at the video game industry and it’s future,+ emerging tech such as VR and AR which is being used for gamification of space. Get your ticket here

Thu 25th 7-8pm Create Insightful talks and networking for digital designers. This time Chris Murphy- Designer, Writer and Founder, The School of Design. Register via

Exhibition see more at #interactive on Instagram

Street Gallery- local residents can see some of the work in our gallery windows including pieces you can interact with by Victoria and Balandino and DACHHU, and work by Andy and Arch (for which you’ll need the Grafio AR app)

Featured Artists

Get in touch with the artists via the links if you’d like to buy the work

Sam Topley,


Cibo360 degree videos

Kerryn Wise,

Victoria Curtin Rivera and Balandino Di Donato,

IRDT designs,

Andy Harper,

Arch CreativeStreet Stories

MBD (metro-boulot-dodo)Atom & Luna


The Unusable Podcast
Alex Makes VR