Interact 18

7 December 2018

Immersive Art & Technology

Interact 18 is an exhibition of digital artworks and digital arts projects curated by Sean Clark of Leicester-based arts company Interact Digital Arts. It aims to showcase the range activities Interact is involved in, as well as provide a platform for local artists to show their work.

Work is broadly connected to three of Interact’s geographic areas of interest.

First, work produced by artists from Leicester. Artists were selected to reflect the variety of digital and digitally-related artworks produced in the area.

Second, work produced by artists associated with De Montfort University and in particular the Institute of Creative Technologies.

Last, work produced in China relating to Sean’s ongoing role as International Professor in the School of Art and Design at Guangdong University of Technology.

On show in Lightbox at LCB Depot.

See more about Interact 18 on the Interact website


Come to the opening night here on Friday 7 December, 6pm+ (including the launch of Leicester Digital Artists network) – see the Facebook event for this.


PLEASE NOTE The start date for this exhibition, 7 December, is later than stated in our What’s On brochure, which gave it as 2 December.


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Ernest Edmonds : Dazzle