12 August 2013

Exhibition by Joe McKenna

A Fresh Meat Gallery solo exhibition from Nottingham-based artist Joe McKenna.

Entropy is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a system may be arranged, often taken to be a measure of disorder. The exhibition explores these ideas in the context of whether what we are doing within industry is part of the chaos in the first place or rather is it just the order of things which are neither negative or positive.

Joe Mckenna, born in 1987, currently lives in Nottingham where he works in acrylic paint and ink. His practice is based on the notion of opposites, he attempts to connote the equal harshness of both nature and man made structures by placing them side by side below a shroud of beautiful and foreboding cloudscapes.

Rather than a glorification of might and supremacy of human progress he finds it more fitting to highlight and contemplate our own fragility amongst our surroundings.

Throughout the exhibition Joe will be creating a new painting live in the exhibition space.

See Joe’s website for more info and images.

During the opening night, Friday 9th August 5-7pm,  Joe will be creating a new painting live in the exhibition space and there will be a raffle with the prize of a Fresh Meat Gallery Tote bag and a piece of art made by Joe.