Digital Season

6 December 2021

VR | AR | MR | Digital Art

Every month our programme brings together artists, designers and makers working in different creative areas. This month we’re focusing on digital art and design from VR to interactive art.

Exhibitions and events are online via social media @lcbdepot and in the real world across our exhibition spaces (Lightbox gallery and cafe-bar inside; plus display cases on the building’s Rutland Street front and Courtyard Room exterior; and in the courtyard).

You can also visit more digital art nearby including Rhizome in Orton Square and Art AI festival around the city (including just outside LCB)Events

Fri Dec 3rd 6-8pm: Exhibition launch, performance by Andy Harper – read his blog about the event here

Thurs Dec 9th,
6pm Trends and tales from the world of Machinima, with Tracy Harwood, free, tickets here
6pm Phygital Reality – An evening where you get to try out the latest digital technology that is changing how we experience stories, free, tickets here

Sat Dec 11th 12-4pm: CQ Earlies family day

Tues 14th, 5.30pm Time is the New Oil: Consciousness, Temporality, and Ideology in “Posthuman” Capitalism. Professor Athina Karatzogianni Inaugural Lecture. Online event- free tickets here

Exhibition see more at #digital on Instagram

Featured artists and designers

Martin Cibik & Shawn Lourdes
Andy Harper– check out his experimental performance at the exhibition launch here
Studio Displace (Kerryn Wise and Ben Neal)
Metro Boulot Dodo (MBD)
Sam Topley
Sean Clark