2 March 2020

a Leicester Lo-Fi exhibition

This exhibition is a group exhibition by members of Leicester Lo-Fi. It combines our interpretation of how printed information appears, with our love of darkroom produced artwork.

The Method

As members of Leicester Lo-Fi, we have been experimenting with analogue photography for some years now. Traditionally, this process would involve taking photographs on film and enlarging them into prints in a darkroom. For this exhibition we took pages from newspapers and other printed material and placed them directly into the enlarger. This had the effect of producing visuals from both sides of a page, simultaneously, onto one print. The images do not necessarily belong together. The text may not be referring to the image. The text may be backwards. The graphics may not relate to anything etc.

The Madness

Printed information appears as a jumbled mass of many things including the interesting, superficial, harrowing, funny, and strange, to name but a few. All of these are interlaced with adverts, headlines, graphics and photographs. All designed to grab our attention, for a range of reasons, from the altruistic to the greedy. Along the way we are encouraged to feel good about ourselves, or bad about ourselves, or content with our lot, or enraged into action. Throughout 2019 we set out to create an exhibition which addressed this reaction in us.

The participants in this exhibition are; Daniel Hessing, Lorna Heircock, Robert Holt, Bebe Lane, Sammy & Linda Wilson.

Launch night
Friday 6 March 6-8pm


Cyanotype Workshop at Easy Saturday family day
Saturday 14 March 12-4pm