Creative Coffee

29 January 2020

Creative Networking at LCB, 10am-12noon
with guest speaker Sophie French

Creativity, Coffee and Conversation.

A FREE monthly meetup for creative people and those looking to meet creatives.

This meetup is in the cafe-bar at LCB Depot, 10am – 12 noon.


Guest Speaker: Sophie French, Sophie French Creative Ltd

You wouldn’t get into your car and start driving without knowing where it is you’re going, right? So why do we do this so much when it comes to life and business? This informative mini-workshop will support you with setting intentions for your year ahead, getting really clear about what it is you most want and fuelling you with the action steps and inspiration to start bringing those things to life. I’ll be armed with some powerful tools to give you the confidence and clarity to map out your 2020 vision, as well as some hints and tips to help you get out of your own way and make it happen.

About Sophie French

Sophie French, is the founder of the #BackYourself Don’t Attack Yourself programme; a life coach, business mentor and NLP Master Practitioner she specialises in supporting creatives to switch their crippling self-doubt for unshakeable self-belief and swap their inner critic for their inner champion, so they can reignite that fire in their belly, get out of their own way and bring the things they want to life.



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What is Creative Coffee?

• Creative Coffee is Leicester’s most friendly and creative meet up. A monthly event that connects the creative community to businesses, academics and each other.
• It’s a new way to exchange ideas, foster innovation and kickstart relationships – all from a relaxed café environment. Alternating between inspiring talks, table expert discussions and informal networking is the best way to inject some creativity into your Wednesday morning!
• Everyone from creative agencies to freelancers and organisations looking for creative input are encouraged to attend.

What are our goals?

· Creative Inspiration

· Knowledge & Sharing

· Networking

· Collaboration

· Growth

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