Creative Coffee

28 February 2018

Creative Networking at LCB, 10am-12noon

What is Creative Coffee?

• Creative Coffee is Leicester’s most friendly and creative meet up. A monthly event that connects the creative community to businesses, academics and each other.
• It’s a new way to exchange ideas, foster innovation and kickstart relationships – all from a relaxed café environment. Alternating between inspiring talks, table expert discussions and informal networking is the best way to inject some creativity into your Wednesday morning!
• Everyone from creative agencies to freelancers and organisations looking for creative input are encouraged to attend.

What are our goals?

· Creative Inspiration

· Knowledge & Sharing

· Networking

· Collaboration

· Growth

Creativity, Coffee and Conversation. 

A FREE monthly meetup for creative people and those looking to meet creatives. 

This meetup is in the cafe-bar at LCB Depot, 10am – 12 noon.

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