Blade Runner – NOW SOLD OUT

23 September 2021

Watch the classic movie at LCB!
plus DJ set and food by Grays cafe-bar

Our showing of Blade Runner is now SOLD OUT!

Courtyard Cinema Night at LCB

With help from our friends Phoenix, we’re showing Blade Runner (1982, certificate 15) – ‘a true masterpiece’ – in our courtyard outdoor ‘cinema’!

Doors: 5.30pm

Screening Starts: 7pm

All tickets: £5 from the Phoenix website

In this restored ‘film cut’ version of the film, Harrison Ford is Rick Deckard, a cop hired to hunt down four ‘replicants’ who have escaped an off-world colony. A visually-stunning neo-noir spread across a sprawling dystopic vision of Los Angeles, Blade Runner is an enduring sci-fi masterpiece.

The night will also include a Vangelis-infused DJ set by The Social Cinema, plus food and drink from Grays Coffee Shop & Kitchen.

This screening is part of the Art-AI Festival and is showing alongside the exhibition Watching by Ben Bogart, in which an AI programme ‘watches’ and then recreates Blade Runner by breaking it apart and reconstructing it.