The Endless Journey
16, November 2019 - 15, February 2020

Exhibition by Peter Clayton
in the Print Room at LCB Depot

Simple materials and chance discoveries are the foundation of a new project initiated by Peter Clayton. The Endless Journey was inspired by the approach of artists in Arte Povera, Dada and Fluxus, whereby nothing is perfect, finished or permanent and we are presenting the documentation of this ephemeral project. Clayton worked in collaboration with other LPW members and participants to gather Monoprints from surfaces around LPW’s Studio. These were then used to create a communal, authorless collage as a continuous section; the last section matching the beginning – an endless landscape.

On show in The Print Room at LCB Depot (Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm, if the room is not being used for a meeting, and at most evening and weekend events).

Leicester Print Workshop exhibition at LCB Depot
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