Summer Art Trail Artist in Residence at LCB Depot
22, August 2015 - 28, August 2015

Leila Galloway - Beyond Depot

LCB Depot supports Summer Art Trail’s artist in residence project. Leila Galloway, who was awarded the residency, began producing artwork within LCB Depot’s workspace studio in the lead up to Summer Art Trail.

at or to the further side of;
happening or continuing after (a specified time or event);
having progressed or achieved more than (a specified stage or level);
to a degree or condition where a specified action is impossible;
apart from;

a place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or goods;
a place where buses, trains, or other vehicles are housed and maintained and from which they are dispatched for service;
a place where recruits are trained or other troops are assembled.

A fascination with states of flux, as translations of various physical states and the way things appear to flow in an unending series of fleeting moments of suspension, has been the inspiration behind all of my work since I moved to rural South Leicestershire three years ago. Attention to detail through the repetition of tiny forms and patterns of sound creates a feeling of obsessive tightness and thoroughness, tension and reproduction; a sturdy bond which contrasts with an anarchic sense of the boundless possibilities inherent in a loss of control: by offering a visual promise of movement - one which can never be fulfilled – the work brings the assembled objects to the brink of a motion, which would destroy them.

The installation has as its anchor a formal engagement with the Lightbox space, emphasizing the visual and the physical over the distractions of metaphor, description and narrative. The work consists simply in the translation of fragments of memory and emotion into material form, presenting encounters with slate, feathers, fingers, raw concrete and wax. The assembly has references and triggers for the viewer to experience notional action: travelling, placing, nipping, holding, resting, waiting, sweeping, wiping, co-existing, lasting, decaying.

Supported by WSG Wanslip Sand and Gravel and Fine Art and Photography Research Group, DMU.

Summer Art Trail was devised and organised by Silver Vine Arts, a non-profit, artist led collective whose mission is to enhance and highlight the arts.

LCB Depot will be open during the Summer Art Trail period on

Monday 17 - Friday 21 August 9am - 5.30pm - Leila Galloway, Lightbox

Saturday 22 August 12-9pm live music, art, food - Cafe, Gallery, Lightbox

Monday 24 - Friday 28 August 9am - 5.30pm - Gallery & Lightbox

Tuesday 1 - Friday 4 September, 9am - 5.30pm - Gallery

Closed Sundays 23 & 30 August, Saturday 29 & Monday 31 August

See the Summer Art Trail booklet here

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