AR Extra
17, February 2020 - 23, March 2020

Augmented Reality exhibition from Graffio Arts
in our Reception/Cafe area

" Our latest exhibition AR Extra is a curated selection of augmented reality artworks from all over the world. The exhibition in part, is acting as a vehicle to help repurpose the high street & make the arts more accessible. We are installing artwork all over Loughborough town centre with a hidden augmented reality layer that can be unlocked with our AR App. Arts was approached by the LCB to exhibit in its Lightbox gallery for Feb 2020 - off the back of this, they have curated a new exhibit: AR Extra "Gallery Version"

This is a series of Augmented reality markers printed on 750 x 1000mm paper. These images were supplied electronically by an eclectic selection of creatives across the arts spectrum. Each image will trigger an AR layer when viewed through our proprietary app.

We would like to consider this kind of visual layering on traditional cultural and monetary value in relation to singular objects, surfaced and images within the arts. "

Scan the QR code beneath each image to go AR!

Get the AR app from the Apple Store here

Please note: The Android app is currently in Beta and due in Feb 2020
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