An Indian Summer
6, August 2018 - 17, August 2018

400 Years : Britain & India

An Indian Summer is an annual festival in Leicester celebrating South Asian culture and arts.

Our Lightbox gallery presents the 400 Years : Britain and India project by Inspirate, through film and exhibition. Produced by Lorna Dunn and Ashok Mistry.


Migrant legacies, identity and experience
Screening + panel discussion + live performance
Saturday 11 August 4pm – 6pm

This event will begin with a screening of the project’s film on Indian migration followed by a panel discussion on the ‘Brown’ experience in Britain, identity and the legacy of migration for 2nd and 3rd Generation British South Asians. The presentation will be accompanied by a panel discussion and end with a live performance. 

Join us in an enthralling discussion with Dr Vimal Patel, Shirin Shar and Seetal Kaur, exploring what it means to be 'Brown' and British. 71 years on from Indian independance, what has been the impact of migration for 2nd and 3rd generation British South Asians? What defines our experience and sense of identity in a 21st Century Brexit Britain?


Part of An Indian Summer Takeover of LCB Depot
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